20 July 2009

Currently loving...

Watching The Rachel Zoe Project!

I thought I best catch up if I'm to start watching the second series which airs on August 25th! And I absolutely love it! Oh the drama! Oh the fashion!

I loved it when Rachel turned around to her husband, after he questioned her logic over the naming of a 'hero' dress...she turned to him with the most evil look and said "you know I hate it when you trivialise what I do". Then more scowling. Amazing! And totally true. I hate people who do that.

And not forgetting I'm extremely jealous of her.

FYI, a 'hero' dress, is like, the dress, like THE dress, THEEE DRESSS! (To quote RZ). Hilarious.

Photograph: with thanks to her Twitter. Yes, I'm a fan. Right now she's holidaying in The Hamptons. I'm twitching (or should that be 'tweeting'?) with jealousy.


Valz said...

Hat & gloves are sooo cool!

Kaye A said...

I love Rachel Zoe too!

Whenever a marathon of her show comes on, you won't see me budge for fear that I'll miss a second of it!

Those gloves! That hat! Completely smile worthy =D

P.S. I love the way you write-so enthusiastic with so much personality [=

-Kaye Anissa


Emma Daniels said...

Hey Kaye!

Aw thank you! That's such a big compliment! I think when people read my posts they can almost hear how excited I am about what I write! You too have a great blog, AND you're a dab handy with scissors, fab hair cut!

I know I totally love that show, but how many episodes were there in the first series? I have to watch it online and can only find 6 episodes :[

I love her eyes, the way they roll around when she's annoyed bcz she's not getting her way! So funny.

So jealous you live in New York!

A fashion saga, :)