15 June 2011

Holly Fulton

It is no secret that I love Holly Fulton. So when my editor asked if I could interview her about the Talent Launch Pad collaboration with Elle Magazine and The British Fashion Council I jumped (bungee style) at the chance. I was nervous, and to be honest, didn't really know what I was doing. Having only conducted interviews over the phone ( Including the hat milliner Stephen Jones - I couldn't have been more nervous!) or via email, interviewing face-to-face I felt was a little out of my depth. But I gathered my emotional shizz together and got on with it - it is HF afterall! And in the end my tactic of talking to her like a friend worked out pretty well, as it turns out Holly is really sweet and funny and she instantly calmed my nerves. Well, that and the dozen cocktails I had consumed beforehand. That could have been disasterous thinking back now. I wore a HF necklace that night as well, which she had commented on, nicely breaking the ice. I grabbed my goodie bag and got the hell outta there, floating merrily home whilst waffling on about how great she was.

So here is the outcome of my interview. And above is the outcome of taking my boyfriend to the event - an amazing pair of HF earrings.

2 March 2011

22 September 2010

I loved Paris. Not the obvious. The hidden. The natural. The sipping a coffee out of sight, shopping in the quiet and second hand. The first sighting of the Eiffel Tower. The moody sky. The grey. The artistic. The way I felt like I was home. The escape.

This is Paris through my eyes.

Postcards from Paris