26 February 2009

Oh Henry...

Good ol' Henry Holland brought LFW to a close last night, and what a show. Colour! Fur! Muffs! Oh, and Agy! It was her first appearance this week and she was the first model to take to the catwalk for friend Henry. I couldn't have been happier to see a little fun for A/W 09/10. And what made me even happier was the make up, gothic! It was a great clash against the colour pop of the clothes, which varied in hues from pink, blue, purple and green, and abit of grey for good measure. Got to have a bit of grey for winter! I just love the muffs, I had one when I was little, it was leopard print fur with matching fur coat. I remember wearing it and feeling very prim and proper. Just how I like to feel now! It's weird isn't it, when I was little I loved clothes and from about the age of 5 demanded that I chose my own outfits, much to my mums absolute horror. She would look at me before we were about to leave the house and she would just look at me and shake her head. From the same age I was obsessed with shoes. For year 1 of school my mum bought me a pair of black suede small (they seemed well big at the time!) heeled lace up shoes, they had a tribal trim and I loved them. Strolling into school on the first day a fellow class mate exclaimed 'Oh I love your shoes'. I think the attention I got from them and the shoes themselves are to blame for my addiction to shoes today. From then on I collected them and put them in their rightful places when they weren't being worn, and so the collection began!

I quickly evaded the subject then.....House of Holland has made my winter look less bleak, that's what I was going to say! All hail Holland!

Another gem was Peter Pilotto. I sniff a trend double. Thigh high boots and orange. Both were everywhere!

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Lee said...

Those shots are divine, such a gorgeous collection, love the last the most I must admit.

Seems you were absolutely destined for fashion!

I'd like to pass on a little blog award I've had the honour of receiving to you for this here masterpiece of yours