24 February 2009

I'm very aware that it's getting a bit late, all this pancake flipping (and eating) is time consuming! And I have my nails to paint, when they are bare I feel odd. I'm going to put on a lovely fuchsia Barry M polish, I think I'm a little bit obsessed with Barry M at the moment. Maybe it's my great desire for some sun that is making me crave flashes of colour. Today I wore sunshine yellow, and it went down quite well in the office. Everyday I wear bright clothes and people comment on how lovely it is, today I wore a black jumpsuit and felt like I was letting people down! But do not fear I have the nail polish! I also wore a fabulous multi strand pearl necklace from Accessorize. Talking about Accessorize, I went in the other day for a bit of a binge (well, I do get a more than generous discount) and I bagged this collar necklace (pictured) and I wore a complimenting green vintage dress and it was rather lovely, I actually over heard people talking about it!

Just giving the LFW shows a brief glance, for now, I see that Luella has embraced the grunge trend, hmmm. I'm liking the gold tights, however. Topshop Unique never fails to be fun and bright, and Winter 09 is no exception, I particularly like the massively chunky bright scarves. I have loved the looks at Todd Lynn recently, I see his palette for Winter is very black, with structured pieces and the odd top to toe white outfit. Very subdued but check out the hairy footwear! At Danielle Scutt, who I very much love, there was some very interesting bright orange details. I love a bit of orange I do. I love the suede thigh high boots at Giles (pictured). His egg shaped coat was also very interesting (!). Matthew Williamson never fails to impress. And he didn't. More orange, AND orange fur scarves, score! Touches of blue. Note the zebra print heels. That's it so far, in a nutshell!

Other things to note: the exhibition 'Hats: An Anthology' by Stephen Jones opened today at the V&A Museum, it's a must see, I'm going to be getting myself down pronto!

This picture of Daisy Lowe and Peaches caught my eye, purely for the clashing colours. Peaches' make-up looks particularly nice.

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