24 February 2009

Things to Love...or not to Love..

So, clutching my copy of Love ever so tightly, my excitement brimming, okay, maybe I'm being a tad ever so dramatic, but hey I'm a girl that calls Tuesday 'Magazine Day' (apart from today, Shrove Tuesday, my pancakes were ever so nice, thanks). Highly anticipating this new fame and fashion magazine was inevitable, considering the press it got too. About 20 adverts in, a mediocre editor's first letter. Another 20 adverts in, writer's contributions page. Another 20 adverts in, they began an 'A-Z of things Love Magazine Loves'...ooh I thought, this will be good. But got to 'Z' and that was that. End of magazine. Was that it? Muy disappointed. And where was the fashion? Maybe I'll give it a second chance, or a second read, just in case I missed the expected fabulousness. Maybe the Love will grow. Like a not-so handsome guy who is belly achingly funny. A surprising second date. Then, Love?

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