27 February 2009

More gems than I could shake a stick at!

Perusing (okay, really need to get a new word for that!) the Winter 09/10 catwalks I dove head first to my favourite designers, expecting so much from them I was left deflated, ahem, Luella. Digging a little deeper to other designers I am now highly enthused for next Winter, of course I am a tad more enthused at the prospect of a bit of bloody sun! But anyway. A few that made me do a little yelp were Matthew Williamson (Summer collection and Winter collection) Tribal! Embellishments! Fur! Orange! The coat with the zig-zag print is just divine!

Another was Ashish, purely for the fun factor. The pom pom outfit is amazing! I want that jumper! In fact, I'm going to make my own! Hit the old haberdashery tomorrow! The zebra sleeved jumper is just...words cannot describe!! I have a wee thing for zebras at the moment I must admit. I don't think I'll find that in the haberdashery shop though. The corsage top is very.....Nu-Carrie Bradshaw?! I just made up a phrase there, but it makes perfect sense! No?!

Eley Kishimoto also made me smile. Her collection was just so wearable. The chic military touches were perfect, I adored the hats with the simple 'EK' on the front. The military coat, from her Summer collection, with the yellow accents is adorable, teamed with that skirt it has a slight whiff of 1920's tennis player about it, or is that just me?!

The DVF geometric print dress from her Winter collection is just gorgeous, I thought it was worth a mention! Lucky Whitney.

One to watch: Holly Fulton. I'd have all her dresses. I'd even do the black brows....gimme gimme!

* and I'd just like to add a thankyou to Lee for giving me an award for my blog! A gem indeed. Maybe sometime soon my blog will hit the masses...I'll start practising my acceptance speech now.

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