28 February 2009

My Saturday

Okay, first thing's first, I had the lie-in I had been fantasising about all week. It was glorious. I slid out of bed, I had breakfast. I got ready, a black and white geometric print dress, grey tights and my new black ankle cuff shoes were the order of the day. It was like that first day of school all over again. I literally strutted to the V&A Museum, though not in a ghetto way, more of a hop skip and a jump kind of way (!). Flicking through a magazine, I saw them, identical pairs, Steve Madden's 'Triumph' shoe. Identical! Oh and the exhibition was fabulous. I saw many a hat. Paper hats, straw hats, geometric hats, woolen hats, hats with shoes on them, famous hats. I couldn't take any pictures inside the actual exhibition but couldn't resist taking the sneakiest pic of the hat a certain Miss Hepburn wore in the film My Fair Lady. I love Audrey Hepburn, forget stars of today, she is the ultimate icon, stylish, graceful, talented and beautiful. SJP's hat she wore to the premiere of SATC: The Movie was in there too, I couldn't take my eyes off it, but due to the hordes of people I had to eventually move on. I couldn't stop thinking "omg SJP has worn that, that has actually been on her head, on her hair!"

I got home and made pancakes (what, can't everyday be pancake day?!). After much pottering around my East London flat and two episodes of The City later, I'm watching SATC: The Movie. Blame the hat. There's tears and laughter every time. And every time I wonder, when will I find my Mr Big? But then a voice in my head shouts back "you're only 20!" But still, I can't help but wonder, in the most positive of ways however, not like "I'm 20 years old, where the hell is he?!" way, but more of a musing, an optimistic pondering. The kind only naive young women do. Lessons are to be learnt. I believe that we do not have one true love out there, a soul mate, but many great loves, with whom we have a great deal in common with. I'm not actively seeking at the moment, my friends and I don't go out like a pack of wolves, do not be afraid, but when I'm ready, it'll come, and it'll probably hit me in the face like a speedy pedestrian in Oxford Circus.
Enough philosophy for one night. Tomorrow, I am helping a friend sell some of her unwanted crap down Brick Lane now she's off travelling. I will be a Brick Lane odd-ball for the day! There's a great food stall in the market there and I can't wait to fill up on that, yum! And if that native feather headband is there still, well it's just meant to be, what can I say....

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Frock Around the Clock said...

I really want to go and see the hats! Regarding the shoes, I went into the Liverpool Viv Westwood shop today and they had the blue and red ones which I wasn't so keen on when I saw them on the internet but in the flesh they are actually really cute too so if all else fails I'll get them. They said they were getting some of the other colours in and they are going to ring me when they are in stock apparently. I am a bit worried though because I walk like a cart horse and managed to bash the hearts together just walking over to look in a mirror so I'll probably break them about 30 seconds after buying them! Oh well :) x