7 March 2009

Get Yer Freak On Giles Deacon!

I haven't posted in a while...oops.
Anyway, let me tell you how some of my week has unfolded...

Pretty much same old same old up until Friday when I had my date with a certain Giles Deacon. Okay...not exactly a date as such but a lecture at the V&A Museum. During Friday day however an email worked its way around work about a night out for someones birthday, good location, bit of socialising with the work folk, I did contemplate it. Giles binned, hello IT guys....oh what a mistake that would have been. I decided I really should go to the lecture, after paying for the ticket an all. So I skipped along after work, got to the services desk and asked where the lecture theatre was, the man behind the desk looked formal and not so cheery but as soon as I said I had a Giles ticket he exclaimed 'wow! Good job on getting a ticket, the tickets sold out like that (clicks fingers) they're like gold dust, everyone's after one, we've had people begging, and people are literally willing to commit suicide' needless to say, I didn't quite know what to say to that....but inside I got all giddy and became all of a sudden really excited, like I was one of only a chosen few. That certainly put a spring in my battered vintage shoe clad step.

The lecture was great and offered an insight into the life of Giles, from his pattern room to Paris. From working his way up from the bottom to Bottega Veneta. And everything in between. Can you believe he whipped up an entire collection in just 3 and a half days?! Giles himself was wearing his usual uniform of geeky glasses, a white tee and jeans. He's rather tall and of a stocky build, and may I add he looked rather dashing, a tad shy when speaking, but handsome all the same. And rather funny. I was thinking this throughout the lecture and debated in my head whether he was gay or not. He isn't, just for the record. So I am free to swoon...mmm!

He had to leave promptly at 8, as he had to catch the Eurostar to Paris, oh what a life. I think I may love him. I'd get my freak on.....ha ha. Sorry.

Other lectures booked: Stephen Jones, 27th March. Christian Lacroix, 29th May. I booked my Christian Lacroix ticket last night, Mr dramatic suicide scoffed that I was double as lucky to have gotten that one too. Oh lucky me. I feel like I have one of the golden tickets!

Met my friend after the lecture and we met the guys from work after all, in Hoxton Sq. Went to a really random dive in Shoreditch beforehand, a real mix of eclectic people shall we say. Eclectic people who have no toilet manners, I had to hover and pee and reach over and hold the door shut at the same time. Talk about multi tasking.

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