28 February 2009

The Current.

Currently, sitting watching the NME Awards. Singing in my head Dog Days Are Over by Florence and the Machine, I'm really liking her! That song I played over and over again on the way home from work on the tube today, tapping my foot like one of those music junkies I often scoff at. One time on the tube there was a guy actually having a bit of a boogie, I admired his enthusiasm at such an ungodly hour but also made me giggle ever so slightly. Everyone else seemed pretty amused too. Each to their own is what I say!

I'm staying up late tonight, because I can! And having a lie-in in the morning, because I can! Such a rebel. Ha ha. Tomorrow I'll probably get up quite handy anyway as I'm off to see the Stephen Jones Exhibition, and I can't wait! It features a hat Audrey Hepburn wore. Audrey Hepburn! I am peeing myself excited! Apparently you can get your hands on a paper hat Stephen Jones made for just £2.50 from the V&A shop, but I don't know how much truth is in that.

After work earlier I sloped to the near by Peacocks, rubbish for clothes, great for shoes, anyone noticed? I bagged myself a pair of shoes with a big thick baggy ankle cuff, they are gorgeous! They remind me very much of the pair Rachel Bilson wore, the nude ones, medium heel, baggy ankle cuff. In fact they are pretty damn similar! They had them in black and a beige, I couldn't decide which colour I preferred so I got both, I can feel that I will get lots of use out of them anyway, so no harm done....cost per wear and all that...and at £18 each, I'd consider myself a bit of a recessionista!

My eyes are going funny. Looks like I'm not that much of a rebel....goodnight x

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