7 February 2009

Jump around...

The fashion elite seem to be worshipping at the alter of the jumpsuit recently...yet there is a proportion of people out there who despise this miracle one piece. I am not of extreme thin-ness...or any type of thin-ness, although not fat, and I have to admit I love jumpsuits. Oh yes.

My love affair began during the summer of 08, it was my first few weeks in London and I was scouring the vintage offerings in the nearby Brick Lane, totally skint, I couldn't really buy anything. Sun still high in the sky, I stumbled across the East End Thrift Store, a little thrifty haven of all sorts of clothes, when the small jumpsuit collection caught my eye. I am not the jean or trouser wearing kind, and hadn't, up until this time worn any kind of trouser for a good 2 years. But this was gorgeous....peg legged shaped trousers, a wrap around top half and fabulously shaped shoulders, it had a definite whiff of the 80s, an era I love. I had to have it. I proudly flaunted it off around Portobello, everybody seemed to have loved it too. Now at work I am 'the jumpsuit girl'...whispers went around the office when I wore it, who knew a jumpsuit would have such an effect?

I am a firm believer that the perfect jumpsuit is out there for all, of all shapes and sizes. The numerous style details on offer make the likelihood of this vast, so go search! An easy piece to throw on in time of wardrobe doubt, and in no fact a season staple, team with heels and some statement jewelry. Simple dressing, I like!

So what are you waiting for, go forth! Three jumpsuits down and my affair goes on...

Recent purchase: A black jersey jumpsuit with harem style pants. Above, £29.50, Asos. Great for tapping into 2 trends.

I'd love to know your thoughts!

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BgirlBananna said...

I Love this discussion, i have not yet found my perfect Jumpsuit :(
im looking for a simple/casual, faltering jumpsuit. No specific colour in mind at moment...hmm lol

I did find a baragin at Primark they recentlyy have a black and gray loose fit/strechy Jumpsuit with Button detailed pockets for a small £12

I would have purchased however primark at 1pm on a saturday is leathal!!
Maybe next shopping mission

Hannah Thompson
Leeds- Proffessional HipHop Dancer and Bgirl