14 March 2010

Fits every style!

It's busy times here at camp FS, so I do apologise for the lack of posts recently!
It started with my trip to Istanbul and ever since I got back I haven't stopped!
I've been doing some freelance writing for a well-known magazine, which has been going really well! I shall share my pieces with you when they get published! But I've just found it so exciting!

Then, through my contact at the magazine, I got a freelance job writing for ASOS! PINCH ME.
It was a great liability, but somebody has to do it, right?
So last Saturday saw me wander the streets of Manchester with a photographer taking shots of 'cool looking' guys and girls. Then when darkness crept upon us we head to The Deaf Institute to carry on with the shots. The end of the night saw us roll up at The Factory (FAC251), formerly known as The Hacienda, where Peter Hook (yes, the Peter Hook, co-founder of Joy Division and 1/3 of New Order) greeted us on arrival and treated us like VIP's all night. Well, all in the name of a good write-up...!

After the street shots, I accompanied the pictures with my wonderful words, and surprisingly, I found writing about the guys really interesting! Guy's fashion isn't something I usually put much emphasis on, but ever since, I'm analysing every guy that passes me! My eyes, my all judging eyes, have opened up just a little bit more.

Again, once the features are up on ASOS online and in their magazine, I shall share the links and some pictures with you all. How exciting!

On top of all this, uni work has been brobdingnagian!
Who has dictionary.com send them daily word alerts...ahem.

The picture is of paint pots photographed in a factory in Istanbul that I visited. I just love the colours!

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