21 February 2010

“Louis Barillet, pythons and telephones”

Holly Fulton's three points of inspiration for her AW10 collection, presented yesterday at LFW.
And what a great collection it is. Magnificent prints and shapes with the quirky 'Holly' touches; the bigger-than-big necklaces, the statement clutch bags. The Fulton Girl is brave, cool, urban and doesn't really care what you think. I want to be her, who wouldn't?
Above: my three favourite outfits. Those long printed dresses, THAT coat, and of course, those necklaces...it's like she knows me.
Bravo, Holly.


Caroline Amelia said...

Definately some statement pieces there my favourite would have to be the coat x x x

Emma Daniels said...

It's fabulous, isn't it?! xxx

Panda said...

Love your blog, and this collection is great (:
Panda xx

Emma Daniels said...

Ah thank you Panda! Indeed this collection is amazing! Can she get any better?! xxx