4 February 2010

Animal Instincts

Tonight, I went to the Cow student lock-in here in Manchester, just to see what was going on. Not to spend. Much. Just hopped along to partake in some fashionable festivities and drink some beer. Definitely two that shouldn't be mixed. I bought a boldly printed jumpsuit (another jumpsuit, I can almost hear my nearest and dearests grumble), bold indeed. Lioness peering out from the flower speckled bushes. In Africa, I like to imagine. Maybe wear with gold lion earrings? Or lion head belt? Or really indulge my Eliza Doolittle and team with bronze elephant necklace?
Go wild this Spring with animal prints!
What's more, due to the 15% discount tonight I got these small wedged black shoes for £1.20. Now that's a bargain.


Caroline Amelia said...

ah great buys !!! and some bargins too !!! x

Emma Daniels said...

Oh thankyou!! I love a bargain! :) x