16 February 2010

Fashion zest!

I love the buzz surrounding fashion week, whether it be NY, Paris...even Lorraine Kelly is talking about it and speaking to Anna Wintour (!). I haven't begun dissecting the NY shows yet, but I'm excited, you all know I love Winter fashion! Thing is, and this happens all the time, is a little thing I like to call CSCD - Confused Seasonal Clothing Disorder. Where the magazines are saying we should be half way through the summer and wearing floaty garments, sandals and little else, when as a matter of fact, it's mid February and I awoke this morning to the sight of snow. And the weather man just said more is to come tonight. Great. So, yet again, I haul on my thick coat to go out, when what I actually want to be wearing are said garments in the magazines, actually. Then, when my mind is set, the A/W shows begin....oh the confused state!

This Friday sees LFW kick off. A few innovators of the industry have previously dabbled with live online streaming of fashion shows but this year will see a lot more designers following...from PPQ to Todd Lynn and Jaeger. With a hand full of designers really embracing the trend and creating 'fashion films', from the likes of Danielle Scutt (cannot wait), Hussein Chalayan (again, cannot wait) and Emma Cook. Solely revealing a collection online will never happen, it's all about the theatrics, but it's a great added extra in my opinion. An involvement for people who wouldn't otherwise be involved. I'll be tuning in.

This week also saw Agyness Deyn back on the runway, shame it was on all fours! The poor gal fell down...twice! Not really a good look - but look at that hair, shiny!

A Single Man, the Oscar-nominated film debut from Tom Ford, was a visual treat. Firth really does deserve the nominations, and the film as a whole is a deserved winner. Though it is up against Precious for a few awards...which was just sensational. Oh the anticipation! I can't wait for the Oscars. Such a film geek. If you want to watch something thought-provoking and generally quite clever, watch Logorama. It has been nominated for an Oscar, in the best short animation category, if I can remember rightly.

There is so much going on in the wondrous world of fashion right now! It really gets the mid-heel clad feet a-going with excitement.

Random fact: I am number 23 on the waiting list for the 'greige' Chanel nail polish. Tis the colour du jour this season. Kind of hilarious that it has its own waiting list though!


The Style Mansion said...

A waiting list for nail varnish! Wow. How funny!

Emma Daniels said...

I know! I got summoned by Chanel today, if I don't pick it up by Saturday it will be gone due to it being in high demand they said!

ells said...

love the nail varnish colour. their colours are always gorgeous. xo


fashion zest said...

Did you get the 'greige' Chanel nail polish?? If yes let us know what you think...