18 November 2009

True love is shoe-shaped

Never a truer word spoken.
Feast your eyes on these mesh beauties!
The love I felt towards those Stella McCartney mesh shoes came flooding back when I saw them, I even tried to avoid going shopping and accidentally bumping into them. But, I knew they were mine, they knew they were mine, so what's a girl to do?
Shame they won't be getting worn this weekend with all this uni work...on second thoughts, they would considerably jazz up my night gown...!
Now wouldn't that boost morale at camp Fashion Saga!
Shoes: topshop


Frock Around the Clock said...

They are gorgeous! Stuff uni work - showcase your shoes instead! :) x

The Style Mansion said...

Chic shoes! I just got some cute pink shoes too(see my latest blog)

Emma Daniels said...

Aw thanks girls! :) x

Shannon said...

That's a great quote that true love is shoe shaped. Nice coin.


Fashions By Lozano said...

very funny! and I totally know that feeling :) keep it up!

Emma Daniels said...

Thanks for the comments guys!

Shannon love your blog, your photos are great!

Lozano, Flowerbomb by V&R is the scent of A Fashion Saga!


Lottie said...

love love LOVE

Savannah Burton said...

those are some fantastical shoes! I <3 stella mccartney!! dont put your address on here unless of course you want a mass break in :-)