17 November 2009

An arty moment

A few years ago, I came across the artist, Daniela Edburg. And it was probably due to the fact that when looking at a particular piece of her work, entitled 'Death by Oreos', it really struck a chord with me(!).

Has anyone ever eaten a whole pack of biscuits, most of the time not even realising, and ensuing after, the guilt of it all?

Well, Edburg plays on that. The consequences of our indulgences.

She says that it is not a criticism of anybody, just an exaggeration of her own reality.

And because they are relatable, though nevertheless slightly morbid, they do make you chuckle.

Death by Oreos? Been there once or twice, my friend.

Follow the link to see the entire collection.

I must say, during a time of masse assignments, my blog, (and other blogs) is thee best distraction device!

That, and erm, Countdown.

Any ol' excuse eh!

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