3 August 2009

Confused Seasonal Clothing Disorder

Or, CSCD, as I am now going to refer to it. As you all know, there has been no good weather, and yes you hear it on the street, in the newsagents picking up your Sunday paper, everyday at work, it's a very topical conversation on the lips of just about everyone who bloody resides here, but it's just so confusing! Clothes wise, I mean. July was a wash out, and now August is set to be just as unsettled. With no thanks to the Met Office, who declared we'd have a 'BBQ summer'...and then more recently declared it was so very wrong and they were so very sorry. Thanks for that.

So, I am going to move on to greener pastures. Nope, I'm not hopping on a one way flight outta here, unfortunately. I'm talking about A/W and a whole new fashion season!

I have before mentioned that CSCD does affect me, most of the year actually, when it's S/S in weather the A/W catwalks are happening, and then just as I'm wearing in my new winter boots (that's a lie, I own too many pairs of shoes to give any of them the chance of "wearing in", but just for the story's sake, we'll just pretend) the S/S collections spring up on us! Sorry for the pun. But now we are witnessing a whole other side to CSCD. What happens when it's July, the sun is supposed to be high in the sky and giving us golden tans and our new sandals are looking at us dying to be worn....but then temperatures are average (average for the UK is about 14 degrees, which makes 'average' appear oh so disappointing. One must remember it is the average for the UK and not, say, the average for India), rainfall is above average (seeings as the expected average rainfall for July happened within the first two weeks of July) making those sandals now look at us forlornly, winds make it chilly and you have to start layering cardigans, jackets and scarves over your summer dresses and are forced to wear sensible shoes and brandish your brolly at all times for fear of being stuck sans brolly in the middle of a downpour. Tropical this is not. And then to add more confusion to the summer dress+coat+maximum denier tights equation, the new A/W stock starts to trickle into stores!

Now, you'd think I'd be mad, I mean where was the sun?? But, as much as I LOVE the sun more than words can describe, I also love Winter fashion. The boots! The coats! The woolen accessories! So one has their beady little eye on every new morsel of Winter fashion that is seeping into stores. And what with the dire weather it has made it much easier for me to buy a few new transitional pieces already. Fur gilet? Check. Snood? Check. These pieces I can wear now, when the wind and heavy downpours get a bit too much, or when the rain catches my brolly off guard - my snood jumps in! Clever little transitional pieces.

And you know what? I don't even hope for an Indian Summer, gasp!! But then again, maybe my planned spot of travelling around the South of France is cushioning the (sun-less) blow??

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