10 June 2009

A jump (suit) in the right direction...

....either that or I'll end up looking like Andy Pandy! I loved this when I saw it in the most recent Asos magazine, and waited...and waited and it came in today, what a joy! After seeing Fearne in hers as well just made me want it more! But hers is vintage, the lucky thing! Though I did buy a purple vintage playsuit at the weekend, totally gorgeous, and at £16 also a total bargain (ish). They are both going towards my holiday collection, which is pretty much sorted now minus the swimwear, oh the dreaded swimwear! I told you, I am not wearing one unless it's Michael Kors, and that's final. But unless he's reading this, or I win the lottery (which is more likely??) it'll most likely be a last minute dash to Primarni sometime this week to pick out a few cheapies. In the words of the great Carrie Bradshaw "I'll merchandise them up"!

I'll let you know how the floral jumpsuit and playsuit go down on my first wear! I just know they'll both be perfect for the flight, but which one shall I wear?? Decisions decisions...I may wear one and take the other to change into for when I land, welllll it is a 12 hour flight!

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