11 April 2009

*weekend wish list

Just a few things I'm lusting after this weekend!
These quirky round framed glasses from Urban Outfitters are great! They are big, cheap and come in many colours, the perfect way to quickly update an outfit. And a cheap version of the Sonia Rykiel pearl encrusted round glasses I've seriously been lusting over, but at over £500 a pair, I can keep on lusting...
Secondly, this jersey blazer from Topshop. I'm a Taurean, luxury and high quality luxuriously feeling items appeal highly to us. So it's no surprise that I have fallen head over for this pastel hued blazer. Yes, I may have many a blazer, but why can't I have another when this one feels soooo good?! Literally couldn't pull my hands off it, must have looked like some obsessed freak stroking the jackets. Come on Emma, love, back in the home for 4.
And thirdly, could I please have this girls' hair?? I'm going to get the comb and hairspray out tomorrow...

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