14 April 2009

Lazy Oaf

I while back at the beginning of December, I was wandering down Brick Lane from my first day of study at London College of Fashion and heading for home. But two girls stopped me and asked me to model some lenseless geek glasses for them, why not? So I happily done a little pose, they gave me their card and off I went. A few days later I went onto their website, and turns out it's a little treasure trove of quirky tees, toys and accessories. Up until now I always thought it was a hidden gem, but no longer! Today, it has been in Grazia magazine (their colourful clubmaster style sunglasses, £14), and featured online at Elleuk.com (the geek glasses du jour, £14). Follow the link and see me in the pink geek specs! Unfortunately I'm only on their blog now as the glasses I was wearing were limited edition. http://www.lazyoaf.co.uk/blog/2008/12/
Now I definitely want the black lenseless ones....but what colour do I go for in the sunglasses....? Hmm tough decision!

1 comment:

Ellie said...

That's so cool they asked you to model!
I have been craving some lenseless geek glasses for so long. I need to get my act together and find some.