13 April 2009

Happy Easter!

My sister and I went down to Brick Lane yesterday, we went to sell a few bits and bobs. I made £15 quid, my sister, nil. But hey, you win some you lose some. But how can people turn down a bargain? A woman came over and picked up one of my sister's tops and asked how much it was, £2, and she actually put it back down! What, do they want it for free? If it was free they'd probably put it back down and walk away!

It's quite fun just standing there anyway and people watching. But turns out we weren't the only ones people watching, we got stared at! My sister more than me, and she'd only tied a scarf around her head! And I wore my Luella bow and veil, but literally just threw the rest of my outfit on, after all we were only going to stand in the cold. But we got there and people actually kept asking us all day if they could take our pictures. I felt like an oddity. A part of the Brick Lane freaky furniture. My friends were with us too, and they just kept laughing every time someone asked. What a furore!

We bought each other two Easter eggs, but they were gone by Saturday night. Then yesterday we bought some (5) Easter cupcakes from the Brick Lane Up Market, and we devoured them last night. But my sister complained that there was fur on hers from the chick that came on top of it. You can't please some people. We've also had hot x buns for breakfast everyday, but now they are all gone. All Easter confectionery has been devoured, boxes in the bin, tummy's full, and the need for real food has kicked in, does that mean Easter is over now? If we were little we'd have still been ploughing through our 20 strong egg collection and refusing to eat a normal breakfast. No matter if our stomachs twanged with pain and we hadn't been the toilet since Good Friday.

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Ellie said...

Cute cupcakes.
Your sister is adorable. That is a kickass bow in her hair and a sweet skirt. I'm also a fan of your bow. I really need to get one of those amazing veiled bows.