16 March 2009

What would Anna say...?

I know you've all probably seen it, gasped, and wondered many days ago but my phone died, no blogging for me, remember? My Facebook spread the word before my blog. Shame. What I am blabbing (or should that be blogging?!) on about is, Vogue, the April issue.

March issue said the next was going to be out last Thursday. So as I hopped along to WH Smith in the train station, en route to home last Tuesday, to buy some magazines, after all it was Magazine Day, I was pleasantly surprised to see pristine copies of the new Vogue out already, the joy! I grabbed, I purchased, I engrossed. I got to a new feature 'More Dash Than Cash', well, not exactly a new feature but a revived one non the less. It promised things that people like me could afford, yet styled in only a Vogue kinda way. I was excited. Topshop, yes. H&M, Warehouse, River Island, yes yes yes. But what's that....Primark? In VOGUE?? I can't quite make my mind up, hilarious or genius? I'm still scratching my head about that one. Oh and FYI, it was a brightly coloured leopard print belt taken off a dress and worn as an obi belt around a H&M mac.

Primark 'in Vogue'? I never thought I'd see the day, I wonder what Anna would say...

There's also a great piece on jumpsuits too.

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