15 March 2009

Dawn, Endless, Twilight: The new fragrances from SJP

Extracts from an interview from the London launch of her new fragrances:

Value for money is uppermost on her mind at the moment with the creation of her three new round-the-clock fragrances – Dawn, Endless and Twilight – which she hopes will be, as she puts it, ‘more personal and accessible, because I want them to feel like moments in life’.

Yet there’s still a Carrie-style rebel streak in her that comes out in her Twilight fragrance, which she says ‘feels more subversive – it has a run in its stockings but still goes to the party. I think it’s very important to behave and be decent, and I don’t think the idea of being a lady is outdated.

She admits her favourite scent is the smell of her young son (‘like fresh-baked goods – a nice, warm, cosy smell’).

What she says on the impending sequel to Sex and the City: The Movie:
She admits: ‘We are thrilled that all the women are enthusiastic about the idea, but Michael [Patrick King, the TV show’s chief executive producer as well as the film’s writer and director] and I are figuring out what is best for the audience and the franchise. Is the story we’re going to tell deserving of people spending their hard-earned dollars?’

On her visit to London:
She exhibits her Anglophile tendencies by chatting about the museums and galleries in London as well as Hamleys toy shop (‘for my son’s specific requests’) and Topshop, where she had gone the previous evening. ‘No, they don’t close the store for me, I wouldn’t want that,’ she says hastily. ‘There’s so much energy in there – and I love the drama in Miss Selfridge.’
On her new film alongside Hugh Grant:
As for appearing on-screen again herself, a star-struck sounding Sarah Jessica is about to get her chance to play opposite Hugh Grant after Andie MacDowell beat the then little-known actress to the female lead in Four Weddings and a Funeral back in 1994. In February Sarah Jessica and Hugh started filming an as yet unnamed romantic comedy about an estranged couple who have to go into hiding under the witness protection programme.

And it seems that, like so many Anglophile American women, Sarah Jessica nurses a girlish crush on our top Oxford-educated fop. ‘I think Englishmen live up to all the ideals and Hugh is a perfect example.

'He’s a definition for all of us less well-travelled Americans of the classic literary and cinematic Englishman – witty and brainy. There’s nothing smarter and sexier and more interesting than a brain, and I’m very excited about working with him,’ she gushes, sounding like the little girl from the backstreets of Cincinnati again.
On wanting to move to London:
Having finally landed her fantasy leading man, she hasn’t given up her other dream of following several stretch limos of Hollywood stars to the West End stage. ‘I’ve been asked in the past and been thrilled, because it’s every actor’s dream. But the timing has never been right for my family or work life.

'I hope someone will be foolish enough to ask me again because that’s the excuse for us to come and live here,’ says Sarah Jessica, who clearly hasn’t lost any of that knack of making us love her. ‘Thank you for your time, it’s nice to see you. Hope to see you again,’ she trills, as if I have just become her best friend. ‘And have a nice day.’
The Lovely Collection of perfumes by Sarah Jessica Parker – Dawn, Endless and twilight – from £22.51 each for 30ml eau de parfum, are available nationwide.

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