17 March 2009

Wee little things...

Just thought I'd pop a few pics up.

Me and a hand made turban. Scarf £1 Primark.

Gorgeous straw/wicker bag with wooden clasp, £6, again, Primark. I couldn't believe this clutch was from Primark, it even has a gold chain strap, but I've tucked that into the bag.

Three cute tops, from left, peach coloured cropped top, vintage, it's going to be perfect in the summer! Blue tassle detail top, vintage, I love how this taps into the whole western trend yet is brightly coloured. And thirdly, a polka dot jacket with big pearl button detail, Ebay find, £10, I still don't know what I'm going to wear this with as I'm not a jeans wearing kinda gal...but I think in the summer it'll be easier to wear as I can just throw it over dresses and my jumpsuits, kinda casual, roll up the long sleeves, round framed sunglasses.
Do excuse the mediocre pics. Oh and the duvet cover in the background.



i had that bag! but beware! the clasp broke off and the little tiny screws stabbed me! grr :@

Ellie said...

Wow, your eyelashes are amazing.