19 March 2009

My week so far...

I had a pretty regular Monday and Tuesday, work work. Wednesday after work me and the girls trotted off to Westfield, popped into Accessorize and bought these little beauties (pictured, a look-a-like Paul and Joe turtle necklace, I only blogged about that the other day! And a gorgeous flower necklace, I love it! It's very similar to a Mango one that's £40 that I had my eye on, so I'm made up! I also got this straw floral basket, reminded me of summer very much and being on the beach), we then had tea (and lots of green tea) at Wagamamas, before heading to see Marley and Me. Verdict: abit of a tear jerker, actually! At one point my throat got so tight it hurt. I am so emotional, honestly anything sets me off! I cried at GMTV the other day, they were hunting for Britain's best mum and one of their stories made me weep into my fresh orange.

Then this morning I was meeting a girl from my team at Selfridges to do abit of research for different shapes of sleeves, prior to a design meeting on the Wednesday. But we weren't meeting 'till 10 so I woke, got dressed and then watched LK Today while eating my breakfast, the luxury! Shopping instead of work was pretty good too...I nipped to Accessorize again before heading back to the office, yes, again! I can't help it, I'm an Accessorizaholic! Today they I actually said hi to me like they knew me, not a good sign. I haven't got a pic of one of the necklaces because it only came in today!

It was the last episode in the series of The City last night, I'm so sad it's over, I'm prolonging watching the final episode, it will be a very sad moment! But Whitney is just about to start filming for the second episode....joyous!

Tomorrow, I have a day off, a while ago I booked a day lecture at the V&A. It's called Heads Up: Exploring Hats and Headwear. Basically it's a lecture from half ten 'till 5 and I get to hear milliners, curators, writers, clients and those involved in the fashion world discuss why, how, and what is covered by our understanding of modern hats and headwear. They have gone all out on the hat events with the Stephen Jones exhibition! Tomorrow there will be talks exploring both the design and making of contemporary hats, and the socio-cultural context for how and when they are worn. Invited speakers include V&A curators Oriole Cullen and Claire Wilcox, the milliner Stephen Jones and fashion journalist Colin McDowell. That means that with the Stephen Jones lecture I am attending next week, I'll be seeing Stephen Jones twice within 7 days! We'll be on first name terms at this rate...! I'm so excited. Such a geek!


Ellie said...

I really like that flower necklace. I haven't seen anything like that over here. I'll just have to make one myself. I found some really cheap fake flowers the other day and I've been trying to think of what to do with them.

I'm the same way with Accessories. I'm always nervous the people at Ardene's are going to start to know my name.

Have fun at your lecture!

Emma Daniels said...

I don't know what Ardenes is! I imagine it to be pretty similar to Accessorize by the sound of it!?

I went to the last Accessorize sample sale and I got a load of fake flowers and I'm thinking maybe I'll make some sort of head piece or something. But you could so make a necklace using a similar method, put pics up when you do! It'll look fab! I love abit of DIY chic!