20 March 2009

The perfect spring cover up

With all this lovely weather at the moment I have (probably temporarily) banished the fur coats to the back of the wardrobe (actually, to the hall, I have no room in my closet for such bulky items) so I have had a little bit of a cover up conundrum, I can't wear my floral blazer or my school blazer every day...I have two long cardigans I could wear but for a girl who doesn't wear jeans these long cardigans make proportions look abit odd, and the colours don't go with everything, until I can dress all summer hippy slouchy-ness. And I can't wear a blazer all day in the office, the sun comes directly through the huge windows and makes me boil while I'm pattern cutting, so not practical. Yet the cold evenings and the probability that this lovely weather probably won't last (sorry) I've come up with some solutions. A) this lovely Topshop Boutique wrap cardigan, it's grey, so goes with everything, it's a good length, belted for shape, in the warmth I can wear it loose, when it gets abit chilly at night I can wrap it round. Perfect. B) Erm....what was B again? I got so positive about the cardigan I almost forgot...oh yeah a pale denim jacket, good length, colour obviously goes with everything, doesn't date, can roll sleeves right up to my elbows, would look nice. I could get one fairly cheap too on Brick Lane, whereas the cardigan is £60...hmm what's a girl to do??

Happy first day of spring everyone!

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