20 March 2009

I met Stephen Jones this morning, we had a cuppa.

I had my all day lecture today at the V&A. It was pretty hardcore! Half ten 'till quarter to six it lasted for! My bum was literally numb, I kept switching from one bum cheek to the other to try and give the other a rest! But it was really good, a whole day talking about hats, what's not to like?! Wandering in, there was a selection of teas available, so helping myself to a raspberry tea, I looked next to me and who was it...Stephen Jones! Wearing a hat, naturally. I saw him look at me, probably wondering where my hat was, or wondering what hat would suit me, he said he could tell who would suit what hat just by glancing at them. He exclaimed that it doesn't matter whether you are a size 8 or a size 18, a hat always fits! So true. His part of the lecture I found the most enjoyable, so I'm looking forward to seeing him again next Friday. Noticeably, he took his hat off before talking. Maybe I'll wear a hat next week...

I also get a free admission into his exhibition, which I've already seen, with the lecture ticket from today, I was way too tired after the day so a guy at the reception wrote on my ticket that I could enter whenever I wanted! Sweet!

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Ellie said...

I've never been much of a hat person (too good at losing them), but I've been trying to incorporate more into my wardrobe. I used to see cute hats all the time, but now that I'm actually looking for them, I can't find any.

That's great that you got to chat with Stephen Jones. Very refreshing that he has such polite manners.