24 March 2009

Happy Birthday SJP!

Tomorrow, 25th March, Sarah Jessica Parker shall be turning 44! I didn't know what picture to post of her, they're all fabulous! I love her!

In today's Grazia magazine there is an article claiming to know the storyline of the imminent sequel to Sex and the City: The Movie, did anyone read it?? It says it's going to be a lot grittier...but killing off Samantha? Big moving to London and cheating? Carrie getting pregnant?? Purrlease.....whatever next!? I am pleased to hear that Patricia Field will still be doing the styling....and Vivienne Westwood, apparently. They promise it'll be as fabulous as ever...but I find that hard to believe with these supposed story lines! Only time will tell I suppose....oh the excitement!


Ellie said...

I like Sex and the City, but I'm not quite at the love stage. I didn't really like the movie. I felt it was just way too long, but I do love the show... and the fashion.


If all those things really happen, espesh big cheating, i think i may kill myself. X

Emma Daniels said...

I know!!!! I don't see all that happening though somehow. Apparently he loses his job in New York and moves to London to do another, but come on! I am speachless. I refuse to think about it. x x