13 February 2009

V Day: Plus one is the loneliest number

Okay, so I don't fully believe that, but on this one day a year, I believe everyone should have a plus one. Be it a card from your dad, a hug from a friend, or a kind gesture from a stranger. Spread the love! But, being a single gal myself, I have put down some rules, just in case one feels like wallowing in some self-pity cesspool. Thou shall not sit on one's derriere devouring a box of chocolates. Thou shall not feel sorry for one self (especially after devouring the entirety of said box of chocolates). Thou shall step away from the sad films. Thou shall not weep on the tube opposite the woman with the beautiful bouquet of flowers that are that big they consume her entire upper body. Thou shall refrain from saying 'urghh' upon seeing couples kissing.

In return, thou shall be allowed to buy the Topshop blazer, a treat to oneself. My own plus one.


Lee said...

You ought to write a singleton bible, have it out by next Valentines (:

Now that you've inspired me I think I'll be greedy and order myself a few plus ones from Topman

L x

Sonia. said...

Excellent rules, I agree. I'm having my 2 single gay best friends round for dinner tonight and we're going to have an unconventional Valentine's meal :D