15 February 2009

The Sabbath Day...

So, I survived V day unscathed. No hysteria. No couples. No moments of self pondering. And it was all down to one special man. That man in question is indeed Stefano Pilati. No, I have not gotten involved in a great love affair during the past 48 hours, I am simply talking about the YSL Manifesto bag I managed to swipe yesterday. I am not in love with this bag, but I do love a freebie, and YSL, so this was a very happy time. I celebrated with a skinny vanilla latte.

Merrily, I skipped along Oxford St to Topshop to get the floral blazer I had promised myself. They had one left, size 12. I knew it was just meant to be...and I'm sure we'll live happily ever after, well, until Autumn 09 anyway...

Perusing the R-T-W A/W 2009/10 New York catwalk shows, I came across Rachel Roy's collection. And I must say, it's all abit too YSL A/W 2008/09 for my liking...the hair, the shiny black lips...the whole model/android thing...I loved the look first time around at YSL and even had the classic grad haircut....but this, dare I say it, copying, is too blatent...what do you think?

Decided to just carry on in this blog, blogging en masse!

Spending my day doing a whole load of.....nothing, I took a minute to browse the LazyOaf website. LazyOaf is a cute little shop in Kingly Court selling quirky tees, sweatshirts and accessories, and I came across this quirky scarf, a fox stole scarf! Instead of a real fox flung around your neck a la Anna Wintour, keep PETA away with this scarf! It's adorable! LazyOaf has numerous cute and quirky things, definitely worth checking out. They took my profile picture of me wearing their lenseless pink glasses....granny chic apparently. But I've had so many compliments about them, I wish I'd bought them! I'll definitely not be letting this scarf run away.

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ellesappelle said...

ahhhhhh you got your hands on the YSL manifesto...so jealous!