8 February 2009

Balls are to men, what purses are to women.

I am bargain obsessed. If it's a bargain, I'll have it! Returning home to Liverpool last week for a few days I couldn't resist the lure of one of my favourite vintage shops there, Raiders. Although recently I have noticed the prices have gotten higher and the clothes have become a bit hit and miss. When I discovered it a few years back in the tiniest of shops in Quiggins I was thrilled...didn't people know about this shop and how cheap yet fabulous it is? I thought grabbing at gilt chained quilted bags and dresses before the secret was out, practically hyper-ventilating. It was April and although warm, I was adamant I was to wear my new vintage ankle boots.

Anyhow, visiting the other day, I bagged a bargain. Oh what a bargain. A black leather 80s Moschino long strapped bag...for £16! Whether I needed it or not did enter my mind, but it was Moschino, what was a girl to do?!

Haven't taken a pic yet but this pic above is similar! I will stop being lazy and actually take pictures of things for future blogs!

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