4 July 2010

Time For Tea

It is a well known fact that I am a bit obsessed with tea and everything to do with tea. So when I found these darling tea cup sets, I jumped with glee. And so, they were added to my collection. Made from real English bone china and 22 carat gold they will be perfect for sipping my Turkish teas out of! I can just tell it is going to be one of those things, you know, you go places and you collect stuff. Like my uncle travels and collects shot glasses, your nan travels and she collects napkins, or the salt and pepper sachets. I travel and I collect tea cups, or the local version. I also collect owls. I have Istanbul owl, London owl, Tenerife owl, Brazil owl, and many other owls in between. Yes, that's right, you mock now, but I will end up being THAT crazy lady with all the owls/tea cups. And then I realise, I am now.


BRITTANY said...

I love the second set! The gold and pink are just lovely! I saw a set in a wedding magazine last year - Wedgewood "Golden Bird" - it's beautiful with gold and a Tiffany-style blue. ::sigh::

:) xoxox
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Emma Daniels said...

Hi Brittany! Oh I know, I love tea cup sets! I'm like an old lady! Ha ha. The woman I bought them off also sells random sets, apparently they are very very popular for weddings right now! We sniff a trend! Not that I'm getting married any time soon...!!

Thanks for following, I'm following you - great blog btw!

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