18 July 2010

Holiday Companion

This Reiss bag, from their Reiss 1971 collection, is the perfect holiday companion! The bag is pretty big, making it ideal for your carry on hand luggage and inside it includes a pair of flip flops and a massive towel. All the essentials you need, and all coordinating! Now that's chiconomics!

Now, I can transport myself from Riad room to sun lounger to pool ever so stylishly.

Now, get me to the airport!

Security check not needed, surely!?


Jasmine Lee said...

I love the bag and shoes! Perfect for a resort destination!

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Emma Daniels said...

Hi Jasmine!

Fabulous isn't it?! Going on holiday on Tuesday, can't wait to use it!

I am now a follower of your blog!

Keep reading! :)

Love, FS xxx

Tom said...

Hi, interesting and pretty bag. Like it. Nice blog. ;-)

Michelle Chic said...

gorgeous bag! love it!

Emma Daniels said...

Thanks everyone! I fly to Marrakech today so it's all packed and ready to go! :)

Thanks for reading!

When I get back I will be sure to check out all your blogs!


FS x x

Silver Strands said...

Just found your blog .... CUTE bag! And great blog :)

Haidée said...

love the stripes and the cool bags



Perth Lawyers said...

great bag so simple and so classic

Family Law Melbourne said...

Love your blog's style so cool

Frock Around the Clock said...

Ahh I love those bags! I bet the towel is so lovely and fluffy too :) x

medical negligence lawyer said...

i wanna the bags it will look good on the beach

Emma Daniels said...

Thanks for all your comments! This bag has been my holiday life saver, turns out it is THE perfect size for carry on hand luggage, beat that Easy Jet!

FATC: Yes, it is so fluffy and lovely :-) - and big!

Thanks again for all your comments, be sure to keep reading!


FS x