8 June 2010

Epaulette brooch

When I saw this epaulette style chain brooch I knew I just had to have it for the black jacket I seem to be wearing to death recently. When the sun is a shining, one can hope, it can be attached to dresses! It's such an interesting detail!


Penelope Biscuit said...

Love this detail!

Emma Daniels said...

It's great isn't it?! I love it! Get it from Asos.com! x

Mariette said...

Dear Emma,

Thanks for following me on Lookville! I've commented on this epaulette brooch on Lookville: It is very nice! Is it made out of silver? The necklace doesn't go with it though... that is clashing with the heavy style of the epaulette brooch.
Good luck on your endeavors!

Greetings from Georgia/USA


Emma Daniels said...

Ah thanks Mariette! It's nice to see that some traffic comes to my blog from Lookville - it's just great! I'm really liking Lookville, what do you think of it?!

It's not silver...just metal. I shall take your tip and never again shall I wear the epaulette brooch with a necklace :) ha ha!

Thanks for commenting! Hope to speak to you again!

With love all the way from Liverpool, England.

Fashion Saga xxx