27 April 2010

Do we just drop off a cliff and fall head first into the great pool of life?

I have been an awfully bad blogger of late! I do apologise. Things have been crazy busy!

Recovering from my dissertation...
More freelance writing...
I got myself a job for after I finish uni working at an online fashion company...
I've had my last ever lecture!
I turned 22 the other day!
I have been shopping crazy recently...the results of which I shall share with you all in due course!

And on top on that I have been hidden under a blanket of revision. My life right now is definitely a mixture between the good and the...unknown!

Someone pondered "what happens when we finish uni? Do we just, like, fall off a cliff?"

Interesting thought. I guess we will all find out shortly.

A tip: Grab a buoyancy aid. Enjoy.

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