17 March 2010

A little Tuesday snap!

Wore my beloved butter ups today after painting my toenails last night a lovely mint hue, and the colour combination is just so lovely that I thought I'd share a little photo with you all. Do excuse the misshapen trotters. And the horrendous pink carpet. And the bad picture, it looks as though I'm about to fall over!

P.S. I had to get these shoes re-heeled today and I haven't even had them for two weeks - heck! They haven't been off my feet! You'd think I didn't have any other shoes...and we all know that's not true!


Caroline Amelia said...

love these shoes...and the nail vanish !!!! x

Emma Daniels said...

Aw thanks! The nail varnish is Barry M!

Hope you're well! xx

kimee said...

loveee the shoes & the polish!