18 January 2010

With all 'do' respect, men, I may not know, but shoes? Shoes, I know.

Now, pointless posts about shoes and clothes that the majority can't afford, I tend to steer clear of. But there comes a time at the very beginning of each season when one looks ahead. When the Winter chills are still there (yes, we are still in January), but the hopefulness of Spring is in the air. The magazines, in particular, tantalise with their February issues. Featuring clothes we would freeze in, but are nonetheless, Spring inspiring. All of the above shoes, I need. Thou shall not be poetical about these shoes. But a high street retailer better copy them. And soon.
The cape? Well, I just put that in for good measure. A gal can't wear shoes alone.
Besides, those who know me, know my capes.


Tuesdai Noelle said...

Yes! You do KNOW shoes, you have excellent taste.... :) I'm lovin' the BLACK zip ups! Trendy and unique!

Emma Daniels said...

Aw thankyou!! I know those black ones are particularly amazing! Seriously want them all!

You have a fabulous name btw! I love days of the week for names! :)

Sofie Marie said...

Hi! I've tagged you because your blog is the coolest ^^so check out onetoomanywishes.blogspot.com and take part.

Emma Daniels said...

Aw thanks Sofie! I'm so glad you think so! I will be sure to check out your blog and take part :)

Keep reading!

FS x