5 January 2010

Girl, you are so transparent

Miuccia Prada turned to 'Chandeliers!' as her source of inspiration for the new season. The collection saw glass embellished clothing strut their way down the catwalk, where tops and dresses had been dunked in chandelier remnants.

I do have a 'thing' for perspex, I have no idea why, maybe it's the fun factor? So when I was scrutinising Elle's Runway Edit yesterday, I paused over Prada, wait, do I see perspex shoes and bags? Indeed I do. It's fitting with the sport trend that's so prevalent for S/S '10, which also brings with it...mesh! Oh I'm in heaven! Now you all know I have a thing for mesh! Those Topshop beauties will be getting recycled, oh yes.

But, back to the shoes. Aren't they just to die? So simple (scratch the last pair...), so clean. I need. And I've always wanted a transparent bag. I don't know why, the contents of a girls' bag are very private, but what the heck, in the name of fashion...

Strut towards the light, there's a fabulous place.

Optimism, is a choice.


Savannah Burton said...

I love these! i want some more clear clothes! all i have is a clear rand jacket! i love you blog! keep it up and i will keep reading! -sav

Emma Daniels said...

Aw thankyou! I'm glad you like it so much...I'll try my best to keep you reading! :)

I love them too! I love the simple, plain ones, like those with the smoke-y tint. I really want them!!

Emma Daniels said...

And the bag, so simple, so...transparent, so...not practical! But I want!!? Ha ha