21 December 2009

I was watching Land Girls (Christmas T.V. yadda yadda) and it got me a thinking...head wear! Y'know what with the cold weather an all, my ears are cold and I could sure do with something quirky to make them, erm, not. The answer:
To count, I have 5 turbans, 3 of which are half-turbans, 1 is a woolen turban and 1 is a lovely white one from Beyond Retro. I don't know why I bought one in white, I was thinking like a summer turban? But as it turns out, it's too hot in the summer for hats. Who knew?!
Loving the girls' outfit on the left (courtesy of The Sartorialist), going to be wearing something a lot similar myself tomorrow!
Will post a pic!

1 comment:

Olivia said...

Looooovveee the studded one, and the way the olsens wear them!