10 November 2009

'Tis a very sad day...

Vogue, Drapers etc. have reported today that Luella Bartley has ceased trading!

It feels like I have lost an arm, literally. Luella is my first point of inspiration, I know exactly when she shows her collection at LFW and I await furtively, ready to pounce upon any mention or picture of her new collection on Vogue.com. She's always fun, girly, frivolous! No serious this drape and that sleeve, but witch-like creations, quirky details and fun patterns. I think, 'what character will the Luella girl aspire to be this season?' And it never fails to excite me.
Oh how I shall miss thee, Luella.
Tomorrow I am going to wear black.


Jade said...

I am so sad about this. I used to have all her collections on my wardrobe doors ha. Let's start a petition or something! xx

Emma Daniels said...

I'm with you on that one!! Hmm what should our slogan be...??! 'Love Luella, Save Luella...' or something abit more creative than that! An online campaign!

I sound well enthusiastic!



The Doll House said...

I read about it this morning, it's totally disheartening :( She's definitely up there as one of my favourite designers, so much so that I've always said if money wasn't an object I would dress in nothing but Luella head to toe! x

Tala said...

Fashion world is mourning. Save Luella! http://fashionableearth.org/blog/2009/11/11/save-luella/