12 November 2009

[Insert bird pun]

I haven't done an outfit post in a while (!), but I just had to show you all my feather capelet!

I have wanted one for so long now that when I saw Topshop had them in I pounced! Or should that be flew (?) at them...

It reminds me of Florence Welch a bit, somebody asked her to describe her style and she said something along the lines of:

"I like to look as if I am about to take flight".

I thought that was kind of endearing, I have always had the strangest obsession with all things 'bird'.

I think if I was an animal, I'd be an owl. But I don't know whether that's just me being idealistic. Everyone wants to be something good, don't they? When as a matter of fact I'm probably a rhinoceros, or a chinchilla. And nobody wants to think that of themselves. Yes, if I was an animal I'd be a rhino? Bird of paradise, I beg you pardon.

Anyway, this was me last night. Wi' me feathers.
Poor quality picture, do apologise. I don't like the whole camera-in-the-mirror thing much!

1 comment:

katthroatworld said...

this look kinda reminds me of lady gaga.. but a lot more wearable. lol.