18 September 2009

Christopher Kane for Topshop...


...and I nabbed the crocodile tee! And a free necklace with purchase!

I awoke early, well, early for a student. And hobbled along to the opening of the new Topshop in Liverpool. We expected some queues, and there were. So we joined the back of the line and psyched ourselves up for hunting down the Christopher Kane collection and pouncing on the goods we knew were ours, as well as receiving a gift card that could behold between £5 to £500. Mine was £5, otherwise this post would be entirely different.

Being let through the doors, I tore the canvas organic cotton tote from the shop advisor looking a bit scared and made a beeline for my goods. Searched, found, hurriedly fumbled for the size. My size, joy!

Post purchase, we stumbled upon the pop-up 'cakes and cocktails' section and enjoyed a rather fruity mid morning tea cocktail, drinking before noon, my oh my!



snap snap snap literally i bought the tee and got the necklace! x

Emma Daniels said...

Ha ha! Love the tee! Literally! Deff gonna wear it first day back at uni....I'm like a kid going back to school! Necklace wasn't bad for a freebie xx