5 July 2009

Back in Blighty!

Yes, as you can gather I am back in London after my jollies in Las Vegas! And that is my excuse for why I haven't blogged in quite a while...I'm not even sorry, hello? I was in Vegas! It was a surreal holiday and I thoroughly enjoyed every single minute of it. 99c margaritas readily available more so than water, 40 degree heat, palm trees where we have weeds, waking up with an incredible view and clear blue sky every morning, crazily copious amounts of buffets, the social acceptability of starting ones drinking everyday with champagne for breakfast at 8AM and carrying on from there, I swear everyone is drunk. The quirky sights, lions, white tigers, flamingos, waterfalls, glitteringly altitudinous hotels, replicas of landmarks such as the Arc De Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower, the Brooklyn Bridge, all with the breath taking back drop of the desert. Over the top? Yes. Tiring? Yes. Glamourously all encompassing? Most definitely. I didn't want to leave. New York: the City that doesn't sleep? I think you mean Vegas. And after all, if you're in Vegas, why would you want to??

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