13 July 2009

The A/W fabric du jour

I've never been impartial to a spot of velvet! About two years ago, from the depths of a vintage sale bin, I retrieve an ink black velvet dress and matching little belt, I love it, the sister thinks it's monstrous. From the depths of another vintage sale bin, honestly this is how I spend my time, I find a perfect 60's meets Audrey Hepburn heavy and slightly crushed (actual fabric term, not the state of dress after being resurrected from said sale bin) velvet dress, for £2.50 (bargain, I know). So imagine my glee when I spot these beautiful Chloe trousers for the new season.....and then, alas! A velvet jumpsuit! Oh my! And I just love the curtain rope belt detail, definitely worth a rummage around my nans. Now I just need a high street retailer to cotton on to this velvet trend and muster up my dream autumn jumpsuit......please?
Note the top with the bows down the sleeve. Gorgeous.

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