3 June 2009

Really not my kinda shoes...

...yup that's right I'm going bowling on Friday night, and shall be donning the dreaded sweaty bowling shoes! I'm going to All Star Lanes though, does that make a difference?! Will the shoes be shiny and new?? Erm, only for the celebs.....Stella McCartney was there last night, I wonder if they made her wear those things?! Or does she have her own designer ones, covered in sequins or with scalloped edging?! One thing is for sure, I need to remember my socks!

Can't wait to go all out Americana style, burgers and cream sodas all around!
Hmm, now what outfit goes with bowling shoes?

1 comment:

Ellie said...

I love bowling. I'm looking forward to going to the new alley that has just been built near my house. Definately don't forget the socks. That would be pretty devestating.