3 June 2009

Mary Queen of Charity Shops

The brilliant Mary Portas is back with a new series whereby she has set out to help floundering charity shops! I love her programmes! And I'm not impartial to a bit of a rummage in a charity shop! And I'm even more excited over the news that she is opening her own charity shop (with the help of Grazia magazine) at Westfield shopping centre! It's going to be full of finely plucked second hand clothes (no crusty knickers) and clothes that have kindly been donated from designers and the high street AND even celebrities themselves. I heard Mulberry have given her 30 pairs of new season shoes that she will be selling for £50! It's opening tomorrow, so I'm going to pop over during my lunch break to (hopefully, if it's not all gone) snap up a bargain! Be there or......be sorry.

1 comment:

Jess said...

I actually love her. The show wasn't as good as when she went to failing shops but with her, how could it not have been great? Love the blog =)