14 June 2009

Heads up

I only really had today to figure out possible holiday outfits (after previous weeks of intensive thinking, searching and shopping!). They have been established and separated into the following categories: day outfits, evening outfits, outfits that could possibly be a mixture of the two, and poolside outfits. Tres organised! After sorting them out and putting them on hangers with coordinating accessories, I turned to head wear. A quick weather check on the ol' crackberry discovers that the weather will peak to 40 degrees during my 8 day stay in Vegas and so practical head wear must be enforced.

Pictured: A white half-turban, I also have this in black and a slightly shiny coral. Perfect, and won't make the head sweat. Nice.

My Missoni headscarf folded up a la Carrie Bradshaw en el older days. I love wearing my headscarves like this, it makes me feel like some sort of red Indian or something!

And thirdly, a 50's polka dot headscarf, tied into an over-sized bow at the nape of the neck. Chic and practical.

And if all else fails (because frazzled hair is never nice) I have stocked up on KMs California sun protectant products.

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