16 May 2009

Waking up in Vegas

No, it's not just Miss Perry's new single, but something I'll actually be doing on the 22nd of June! That's right, I am going to Las Vegas on the 21st of June for 8 nights! I cannot wait! I have already started planning what I'm going to do there, including seeing the Hoover Dam....Lake Mead...a helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon...being jolted over the tallest building (The Stratosphere Hotel) on a roller coaster....the Fashion Mall....the Bellagio fountains...a day trip to L.A...go see a show, maybe, even visit Death Valley. And of course, I am going to embrace the entire experience, hell yeah I'm gonna test drive a $6 all you can eat buffet...have a ride on a gondola INSIDE a hotel, visit white tigers/a flamingo park/botanical gardens/aquariums INSIDE a hotel and for most of the time probably walk around with my mouth wide open. But one thing I will not do, is wear a bum bag. Or a "fanny pack" as the Americans call them. See, I'm already settling in quite nicely, thanks.

Another little thing to consider about Las Vegas is the fact that it is in a desert, with average temperatures for June upwards of 37degrees C. One thing for sure is you don't get that kinda weather in Britain! I am so excited, I love the sun! (and a good tan). Luckily, my hotel has a really nice huge pool and spa, so when I've had enough of bathing in my own sweat (sorry) I can take a little dip, go in the sheltered jacuzzi or even have a massage, I'm even planning a sunning session in the pool area of the Planet Hollywood Hotel, they have an island bar you can just swim right up to, nifty!

But for now, I have bigger things to think about, like my holiday wardrobe! What does one wear to Vegas?!! Answers on a post card please....


Ellie said...

While you are coming to my coninent, I'm coming to yours at the same time! Although Vegas is still really far from where I live, lol. So it's not really the same. I really want to go to Vegas and hopefully will do it sometime this year.

My aunt's family is from Vegas and they came up to visit last year (her mom works in the stratosphere). They wore a lot of white pants/capris. I think you can pretty much get away with anything in Vegas... especially if it's kind of trashy.


Emma Daniels said...

Wow that's amazing! She actually works in the stratosphere, crazy! That's what I'm kinda getting from everyone-wear what you like! But dress up at night, though I'll probably take a miss on the Playboy Club, ha ha! Where is it you're going in the UK? That's really random, don't expect glorious weather, unfortunately, but there are some great places to go. Where is it you're from in America? I love America, and hope to go live in New York sometime in the near future....:)