26 May 2009

Quick little catch up!

I've been a bad blogger with these short picture-only posts! I apologise, for I have been busy. But busy is not an excuse, as one is always inspired....

The holiday clothes shopping has begun, and I bought 3 amazing dresses from one of my favourite vintage stores the other day. All long....it's becoming a recurring thing I have noticed, probably because of my total and utter girl crush on everything that Nicole Richie wears. At work we are currently 'translating' the Issa dress Nicole wore a few months ago. I would kill for that dress. But at least now I have the pattern....! I shall post pics of the dresses I got tomorrow, I promise!

On Sunday I went to the beach, and I loved it. I miss my beaches back home! But lying in the sun with the sand in my toes was totally relaxing, and took me right back to the good old days. And I caught the sun, bonus! I much prefer being in the sun rather than staring out at it all day from my desk. Sigh! But it also made me even more excited for my sun drenched holiday to Vegas! Yes, I know it doesn't have any beaches but it has fabulous hotel pools! Which reminds me, I am still to start my holiday bikini collection....eurghh bikini shopping! Holiday to the Antarctica instead anyone?! Unless I can have the entire Michael Kors summer collection it looks like I'm changing my flights...

For the rest of the week:

Attending the London Clothes Show Live, Saturday.
Last chance to see the Hats: An Anthology exhibition, Sunday. I just have to see it one last time! If you haven't been to see it yet, what are you waiting for?!
On Sunday I am going to unleash my inner (or not so inner) geek by going to see the Darwinius masillae, that went on display today at the Natural History Museum. For those of you not in the know, a 47-million-year old fossil of a lemur-like creature was found in Germany and has given scientists an insight into the evolution of early primates, bridging further the gap between them and us. And further cementing Darwin's theory. The fossil is that well preserved you can see what it ate for its last meal! Exciting!

I have the new Hills episode ready to watch, and clean bedding on my bed, so I am going to snuggle up and watch it, right before dreaming about those strappy suede Zara shoes.....

Ciao, Fashion Saga x

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