14 May 2009

Buying online doesn't count, right?

Ploughing through a very busy day at work, I snatched 5 mins to read an Asos update, and ever so accidentally bought these sporty snakeskin beauties. Oops! Oh well, clicking a few buttons is just too easy and tempting, for an extra £6 they will be with me by the time I start eating my sandwiches tomorrow lunchtime. What more does a girl want?! And is it just me or can you totally see MK Olsen rocking these??


Ellie said...

I can definately picture MKO in those. I love how you "accidentally" bought them, lol.

Emma Daniels said...

Ha ha I know, it was as if my fingers moved independently from my body! Click click click, new pair of shoes, £40 down! x